Assassin'screed subject 16 details are uncovered by us in this post.Subject 16 was the subject who was under Abstergo's project to find the pieces of Eden before Desmond Miles who was subject 17. Subject 16 was Clay Kaczmarek who committed suicide because of mental instability which was caused due to long hours in the Animus. The bleeding effect of the Animus caused Clay to loose the difference between the real world and his visions and hallucinations, and as a result finally he committed suicide. But Clay was a knowledgeable person he knew someone would come after him so he left encrypted messages in his own blood on the walls which could only be seen by a person with Eagle Vision which he knew would be an Assassin.

Assassin's creed subject 16 details Desmond and Clay inside the Animus.

Clay himself was part of the Assassin team which infiltrated Abstergo, Lucy was along with him. But later Lucy had shifted allegiance to the Templar cause. Lucy felt that she was responsible for Subject 16?s death. Because of spending long time inside the Animus, clay had essentially become part of the AI system of the Animus, he was a descendant of the Italian assassin Ezio.

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During the game sequence 'Scheduled for Deletion' Desmond Miles is to be deleted by the Animus. But Clay sacrifices himself instead and gives one of the most beautiful quotes of the Assassins Creed Series. This moment was the defining moment of the Assassins Creed Revelations game, at all other points the game felt a little less legendary than it's predecessors.

He worked on the memories of his ancestors from Africa and East while at Abstergo so that they could search for the pieces of Eden.

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