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By now, there are literally thousands of Iphone applications available through the App Store. When I got my iphone I of course ran to the app store, browsed around and ultimately ended up trying and buying apps that we're rather useless. I also looked around at sites that recommended applications, but I found those to be way too overcrowded, and since I'm not into games or lots of the other silly stuff, here are my favorite apps that I would recommend to anyone who's into reading good information, watching information videos, and being able to do this all from your phone.

Please keep in mind that this is my personal list of favorites, everyone's taste is different and I'm just trying to give a few examples of applications I found worth my while. These applications are the ones I use on a daily basis so I thought it would be a great starting point for anyone that just got their phone and shares the same habits as I do when it comes to the internet. If you have any suggestions or additions to this list, please post them in in the comment and I'll add them.

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  1. Wunderradio I'm a big radio person so I personally think this has got to be one of the better inventions out there. Whether I want to listen to a radio station back at home in Germany, or listen to the campus radio station at the college I used to attend, Wunderradion makes all that possible. It's made by the same people who brought you the website, which is very popular with people.
  2. TED Talks The awesome people at we're so smart as to make an iphone app so people could watch the presentations no matter where they are. Great idea!
  3. NY Times The NY Times also made a smart move in order to keep readers connected to their content by making their newspaper available as an application. Easily browse top stories, op eds, and lots more.
  4. Tweetie One of the best twitter clients in my opinion. It supports searching tweets based on your geographical location and various other features.
  5. Beejive A multi messenging client for the iphone which doesn't disconnect when you hit the home button.

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