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The Free Drafting Software is one of the first tools an aspiring architect uses in todays age of computers. With minimal training they can design a structure and see what it would look like when completed. Even those with minimal or no training can use many of these software programs to help them figure out where furniture can go in a room, or what a yard would look like with a tree in this corner or that corner, do they actually have room for a pool etc. These people do not want to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for software that they are not going to use every day, this is where being able to download Free Drafting Software, even a scaled down version, is ideal. It helps you to try out it's features and see how the software works and then you can decide on buying it if you find that it satisfies all your requirements and needs.

Many children these days love the Free Drafting Software, it allows them to draw many scenes and situations that they would not be able to do. People, yards, trees are all readily available and the children can add in features that they wish. It can help them to develop their artistic skills at a younger age. Many adults also enjoy this feature of the software and can dabble in artistic endeavours with little or no cost.

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These advantages to the Free Drafting Software are nice but are not the intentions of the developers, their intentions are that you use the free or trial version and then as your requirements and skills increase then you purchases the full version. This is one of the reasons that many of the free versions are for a limited time only or else scaled down with just enough features available free, to entice you to purchase the full feature version.

Many of the architects that learned on paper maintain that if all the new architects only know the CAD style of design, then some of the feelings that go into the design of the builds or structures are lost. The younger architects say that this is not the way it is and that by easily being able to take a 2D design building or structure and looking at it as you draw it in 3D, then more of what the designers and architects want can actually be seen. They can see the end result of any changes being done to the drawings.

Although Free Drafting Software is a valuable tool for the beginners and novice the experienced designers and architects also find it very helpful. They can try the software out, see what features they need or what comes with the fully loaded version and so do not need to spend a large amount of capital for software that will not do what they need. All this software is similar and does much of the same things, but they all do it slightly differently. This means that how you look from 2D to 3D can be different and different steps may need to be taken to do it properly. This can be a comfort situation for the drafts person and so they get a decent chance to look over the software, how it works, and what it's capabilities are, this allows them to make an informed decision.

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